BB hospital hit by shortage of non-prescription drugs

Ashfaq Mughal



The patients at the Benazir Bhutto hospital of the garrison city are facing an acute shortage of common medicines at the hospital-run dispensary, forcing them to source these drugs from nearby medical stores at exorbitant rates.


Sources privy to the hospital have disclosed that the pharmacy was facing a shortage of over-the-counter drugs, including Paracetamol or Panadol which help with seasonal diseases like flu, allergy and fever.


Owing to the dry and extremely cold weather nowadays, the influx of patients was on a high but the hospital’s pharmacy had already run out of drugs, asking the patients to source medicines from nearby stores.


Tasleem Bibi, whose son is suffering from fever, said that after the check-up the doctor asked her to approach a nearby store selling these medications at inflated prices, too high for people like them.


The patients have asked that the Chief Minister Punjab take notice of this grave situation and address it on an immediate basis. They also demanded that the Health Minister be notified of the malpractices pharmacy owners are currently undertaking.

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