Cabinet Division seeks detail of DRAP employees on deputation


Qazi Ziyad

In the light of apex court directives regarding sending back employees to their respective provinces, cabinet division has sought reply from Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) a subordinate department of ministry of health to submit details of employees on deputation.

Credible sources have disclosed that cabinet division has sought details of five employees that working in DRAP on deputation.

The apex court had given verdict in 2013 and issued directives to all federal departments to send the employees working on deputation to their respective provinces or departments.

Sources further stated that DRAP lawyer Forum had also written a letter to Cabinet Division and stated that some employees were working on deputation and these should be send back their subordinate departments.

Currently five employees of DRAP were working of deputation and they included Abdul Rasheed Sheikh, Zahir ud Din Babar, Asif Jalal, Akbar and Dr. Shahid.

Cabinet Division has sought details of these employees a letter of January 1.

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