Agriculture research institute develops three machines for farmers



Agriculture Mechanization Research Institute (AMRI) developed another three agri-machines including sugarcane crusher, sugarcane loader and garlic planter to facilitate the farming community.

Talking to APP Director AMRI, Ghulam Siddique said that AMRI was playing important role in promotion of cost effective agriculture machinery which was not only facilitating farmers but also promoting agriculture sector.

About Sugarcane Crusher, he said that newly prepared machine had good efficacy as it extract sugarcane juice to 70 per cent which was higher as compared to the conventional machines with 45 to 50 percent juice recovery.

The farmers were taking interest for making “Gurr” due to frustration triggered due to low prices allegedly offered by sugar mills in the country, he added.

He said that the Institute also prepared another cost effective machine garlic planter. The garlic planter was good replacement than manual system he said added that it not only save labour and timing but also cost effective.

Beside this, another machine Sugarcane loader was also developed at the institute, he said and added that it could load trailers within few hours. The farmers had to hire labour to load sugarcane on tractor-trolleys, he added.

He said that recently introduced three machines would ease working of the farmers.

About AMRI, the director said that institute was undertaking Research & Development for low cost and appropriate agricultural machinery and farm mechanisation technologies. It comprises of different sections i.e. design & development, fabrication, test & field research, agronomy,and instrumentation, he added.

He said that the institute was providing industrial extension service to the local agricultural machinery manufactures for production of standardized and quality machinery. It also imparts technical guidance to the farmers for proper selection, operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment, he added.

He said that AMRI had developed over 120 cost effective agriculture machines so far since its inception from 1978. Out  of locally developed over 120 machines, nearly 49 machines had become commercial, he said and added that developed machines were identified as Seed Cleaner/Grader, Rabi Drill, Cultivator Drill, Dry sowing/Runner Drill, Rota Drill, Thresher, Wheat straw Chopper Drill, Rota Drill, Thresher, Mobile Bhoosa Baler, Seed Delinter, Seed Treater, Kharif Drill, Precision Planter, Cotton Ridge with Fertilizer, Bed and Furrow shaper planter, Rotary

Slasher, Root Digger, Intercultural Toolbar, Sugarcane Ridger, Sugarcane planter, Stubble Shaver, Axial Flow Pump, Sprinkle Gun, Vegetable Ridger, Potato Planter, Rotary Potato Digger, Post  hole digger, Fruit Picker, Potato Digger Shaker,Mango Hot water treatment plant, Vegetable nursery transplanter, Maize Sheller,

Self Leveling Boom Sprayer, Orchard Sprayer, Fertilizer  Broadcaster, Fodder Cutter, Fodder Chopper, Mango prouner and some others.

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