CADD recommends three names for PIMS, Polyclinic top seats


Qazi Ziyad


A three names summary to Prime Minister regarding filling the vacant seat of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) executive director has been sent by The Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD).

The Daily Morning Mail has learnt that currently top seats of both PIMS and Polyclinic hospitals are vacant and the administrative authority has decided to fill these posts as soon as possible.

In polyclinic there is the strong possibility that senior most officer Shahid Hanif will be given the charge, while in PIMS Raja Amjad is expected to take up the position of executive director on permanent basis.

In the summary sent to PM, Dr Raja Amjad is proposed as a top contender for ED PIMS. While Dr Shahid Hanif and Dr Ejaz Qadir’s name are proposed as second and third most favourable contenders on the priority list, respectively.  However due to seniority, the strongest candidate for the post is Dr Amjad Poomi.

In both the hospitals, corruption has allegedly scaled to new heights.  In polyclinic hospital, the highest seat got vacant due to retirement of Dr Zahid Larak on March 10.

CADD has failed to stop malpractice in these hospitals. The Daily Morning Mail has learnt that the retiring ED gave the important responsibility of purchase indoor to suspended store keeper, and another suspended official Muhammad Azhar was given the charge of Surgical Disposal Store.


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