Public parks bemoan CDA’s apathy



The public parks and playgrounds in federal capital need attention of the concerned authorities to make them clean and attractive places for the visitors.

Islamabad, the only planned city of the country, is famous for its large number of resorts and public parks. However due to large number of visitors from other parts of the country mainly on special occasions, condition of these parks and playgrounds becomes poor which need regular attention for maintenance by the concerned authority.

According to a senior official of Capital Development Authority (CDA), there are around 175 public parks and playgrounds whereas over 1,200 technical and non-technical staff is deployed in the CDA for the purpose of keeping these parks clean and green.

“Public parks in the majority of the areas including 1-10, I-9, I-8, F-6, G-6 and F-7 are in poor condition with broken benches, lights, swings and uneven walking tracks,” said a resident of sector I-10.

Finding a public toilet in the parks has always been a hard task for people and if toilets exist, they are in a deplorable condition, unhygienic conditions, short of water in the taps, and non-functioning of the flush systems force people to think twice before using them.

“Most of the parks and playgrounds are in appalling condition in the capital. The area was covered by greenery. Its decaying condition speaks volumes about the lack of interest of CDA officials” said Zameer safi, a regular visitor of Fatima Jinnah Park.


The facility of clean drinking water is also missing in most of the parks. After sunset, many wild animals are seen roaming in the parks too. The parks are thronged by junkies in the evening, making it impossible for families to enjoy.

Meanwhile, the visitors are often fleeced by venders, who charge them highly for soft drinks and edibles. The price of a cup of tea is Rs 30 in most of the parks besides high entry, parking fees.

Zahid farooq, a resident of F-11/1 said, “The swings and other playing instruments installed at a park near his house had broken, posing a threat to children.” There was no one to replace or repair them. The residents urged the CDA to take notice of the situation and speed up maintenance work for equipping the parks with facilities such as public transport, parking, toilets, and clean drinking water besides free entrance, and normal prices of edibles.

a senior official of CDA  said that capital has the largest number of state-of-the-art parks. However, due to insufficient funds allocation, renovation and provision of the required facilities is deferred.”

Moreover, he also appealed the citizens to help the government in maintaining the public facilities by taking care of facilities while using them.


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