Smart Cards to replace vehicle registration books



Excise and Taxation (E&T) Rawalpindi is introducing a new vehicle registration system from March 15 to facilitate the people and eliminate the use of fake number plates.

According to Director E&T Rawalpindi, Tanveer Abbas Gondal, the whole process would include smart cards, number plates and universal number. The system was to be introduced from January first but got delayed for two months.

E&T Officer, Admin Numan informed that the E&T Department and Punjab Safe City Project (PSCA) had proposed to introduce new vehicle number plates design for the province.

The reason behind new number plate design is that CCTV cameras were not able to detect and read the current number plates. The modified size and font size of the universal number plates would make them camera-readable. From March 15, Universal Number plates will be issued across the province, he said.

The new system of vehicles registration will not only discourage fabrication, forged documents but streamline the whole process of registration. No one can get registered a vehicle already registered with same chassis number in any other district of the province, said Numan.

He further said, the universal number system would help curtail registration load on big districts like Lahore and Rawalpindi due to their higher resale values and small district would be able to get their revenue share.

The new system will help eliminate corruption and use of vehicles with fake number plates in crimes. It will also help eliminate the tendency of late registration of vehicle and evasion of motor vehicle tax, he said.

The new system would facilitate the vehicle owners in paying token tax in any part of the province.

Responding to a question Numan said, it was not possible earlier as all the districts of the province had their separate vehicle registration record on independent servers which was further transferred to provincial capital after 15 to 20 days gap but last year all the districts were interconnected and now a centralized system exists and whole registration data is available at a main server.

He said under the new system, the universal number plate would also be provided with Smart Card which would have all record of the sale and purchase of the vehicles. The Smart Card will replace the registration book and it would have over six security features.



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