Pakistan suspends JF- 17 deal with Myanmar


Siddeeq Sajid


Pakistan has stopped providing Fighter Jet JF-17 thunder to Myanmar and revoked agreement with Myanmar government.

Sources said that the step had been taken in reaction to the continued genocide of Muslims in Myanmar.

Sources in defence ministry revealed to Daily Morning Mail that last year the ministry of defence of Myanmar had signed an agreement with Pakistan to purchase JF-17 fighter jets in three phases and also a high-level military delegation of Myanmar visited Pakistan. China had also played an important role in this regard.

According to agreement in the current year, Pakistan has to provide four fighter jets to Myanmar, has to train pilots, and do maintenance work of the jets for a specified period.

However, owing to the continue genocide and worst violence Rohingya Muslims, Pakistan has cancelled the deal and adopted a clear-cut stance that it wouldn’t provide jets for action against Muslim.

When contacted, a senior official of Pakistan Air force confirmed that Pakistan wouldn’t provide aircraft to Myanmar and added that signed agreement was not in effect anymore.