Women beggars on rise in twin cities



Women beggars are on a rise in the twin cities due to the lethargic attitude of the concerned authorities.

A survey has revealed that most aged women use different tactics to seek alms from people at various markets, bus stops and signals. These beggars can also be seen in various hospitals roaming in groups.

The residents of various sectors said that the beggars knock their doors on a daily basis to collect the alms.

Akhlaq Ahmad a resident of G-9 said that the concerned authorities should take notice of these people and arrange trainings for them to curb begging.

He said these professional beggars come in groups and then scatter for begging.

The Police official said that apart from curbing the social evil, they are focusing on those backing these professional beggars.

He said that needy children and women are shifted to various centers after the verification so that they can be made responsible citizens.



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