Hot weather brings misery: Habitual power load-shedding resumes despite govt claims




The habitual power load–shedding is back in country as soon as hot weather is emerging. The Federal government’s claims of complete reduction of power load-shedding were still at the same spot, as rural and urban areas have started facing 4 to 6 hours power cut without any notification.

The credible sources claimed that the electricity demand would touch 18,000mw in the forthcoming month of April, however electricity production would limit to 14,500mw, its shortfall touches 3500mw and that could extend to 6,000mw in peak season.

On the other hand, experts have viewed that power load-shedding in different parts of the country would be longer in the current summer season because of massive electricity shortfall.

Sources stated that work on coal power projects was still going on and it was impossible to add more electricity in the system. Moreover, the government has also failed to control the incidents of power thefts as it is facing the burden of Rs360 billion due to this.

Moreover, the government is claiming enough electricity is present in system and if it provides uninterrupted electricity, the line losses will reach Rs4 trillion.