Knew the consequences if had taken action against Musharraf: Rashid


Staff report


Former information minister Pervaiz Rashid on Sunday said that his party knew what would have been the consequences if action had been taken against former dictator General (retd) Musharraf.

He said this while speaking to a private TV channel. He said that the government could not even send a medical board to the hospital where Musharraf was kept. He said that the government was not able to take Musharraf to court when he was discharged from the hospital.

He said, “We were not even able to ask how his motorcade changed its direction and went to the hospital instead of the court”. The government opted to shut its eyes and turn its face away in embarrassment instead of disclosing its helplessness to the media, the PML-N leader said.

“We knew about the consequences of taking that step (action against Musharraf),” the PML-N leader said.


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