Health Department serves nursing students polluted water and substandard foods



Staff Report

It has been revealed that due to the indifference and inefficiency of Health Department the student nurses undergoing training in Benazir Bhutto hospital are being served polluted water and substandard foods.

Due to the substandard food the nurses have been suffering from hepatitis and other related diseases. The Nursing School inside the Benazir hospital is in a dilapidated condition where during the digging for the construction of metro the water pipe lines got mixed up. Dozens of filtration plants have been installed in the city but there is not a single filtration plant for the nurses.

The nurses said that they are serving the ailing humanity and a weak segment of society adding that the furniture of the hostel is also in a bad shape.

The nurses have written to the administration for several times to redress their grievance but to no avail.

The patients of are also facing an acute shortage of seasonal diseases protection medicines as they were compelled to purchase these medicines from nearby medical stores on high rates.

It was revealed that currently hospital is facing acute shortage of medicines including anti-biotic, Paracetamol, Panadol and the medicines that helpful in seasonal diseases like flue, allergy, and temperature.

The number of patients affected with seasonal diseases was visiting the hospital daily but they failed to get medicines.

Most of the affected patients have demanded the Chief Minister Punjab to take notice of this alarming situation and solve it on permanent basis. Tasleem Babi whose son was affected with temperature has stated that doctors didn’t give any medicine from hospital.

Most of the patients belong to Sadiqabad have complaint that they were regularly visiting hospital but no get any medicine even Paracetamol.

The patients and their attendants have expressed serious concerns on the prevailing situation in the hospital and demanded of the CM Punjab, Punjab Health officials to take practical steps to save them of the nuisance.




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