Speakers’ emphasis role social media in country’s image’s building



Image building of the country, keeping high the good human values and social ethics should be the dominating features in inter personal communication.

Speakers at a media conference held on Saturday said the need of exploiting the social network for giving the country’s positive message to World as well as developing the society along optimistic lines.

This was said in a conference that was arranged by Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) in collaboration with the social media network ‘Positive Pakistan’.

The conference was presided over by the varsity’s Vice-Chancellor Dr Shahid Siddiqui, conference was attended by other eminent journalist Talat Hussain, columnist Mujahid  Mansoori and President of Positive Pakistan Abid Khari.  It was also attended by the students and social media activists from all over the country.

Image building of the country, keeping high the good human values and social ethics should be the dominating features in inter personal communication, they said.

They also called for encouraging credible social media that helps the youth’s brought-up on positive directions. Elements of patriotism, positive thinking and sense of responsibility should be the hallmark of the social media’s use.  While operating the twitter account, facebook and other instruments of the social media, credibility and authenticity of the content must be ensured, they asserted.

Dr Shahid Siddiqui in his presidential address noted that today the media has emerged as most powerful social institution which contributes significantly to the nation building task. He briefed the audience about the consistent efforts of the AIOU in promoting positive attitude among the youth.

Various initiatives were taken in the recent years for construction and dissemination of knowledge through research-based activities. Serving the society has been the major priority in academic pursuits, he added.  He emphasized that the users of the social media should strictly adhere to the principle of self-accountability.

Syed Talat Hussain shared with the audience his own journalistic experience and the way of handling of the social media. He asserted that there should be genuine and rationale approach in messaging and communicating through the media’s network.  He also spoke about the importance of the media in term of its impact on the society.

He said the media’s activists must follow some basic norms and ethics for achieving the ultimate objective of promoting positive national image and serving the society.

Mujahid Mansoori appreciated the AIOU and its Vice -Chancellor for promoting high the varsity’s academic standing and building its positive image among the people. The varsity’s academic achievements in the last three and half years were highly remarkable, he added.

The social media has translated the concept of global village through its wide-access and diversity.  The media has eased the inter-personal communication at all levels. It is imperative to develop positive thinking among the youth to take benefit of the emerging media’s trends, he added.

The speakers appreciated the working team of ‘Positive Pakistan’ for highlighting the bright image of the country across the globe and raising the voice of the people on various societies’ related issues.

The social media’s activists were given awards and trophies for their outstanding work. A panel discussion on various aspects of the new media was also arranged on the occasion. Chairman the AIOU’s department of Mass Communication Dr Saqib Riaz thanked the audience for their positive feed-back and discussion on the role of the social media.


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