Pakistan of 2018 better than of 2013: Ahsan Iqbal


Staff Report
Former Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal has said Pakistan of 2018 is better than Pakistan of 2013.
He said this while addressing a ceremony on the last day of PML-N government here Friday.
He held government had discharged its obligation of serving the people. It has broken back of terrorism and hatred. Life attempt was made on me due to this factor, he added.
He underlined that government wheel was jammed since the last 6 months. The government system was annihilated.
He went on to say the country could not progress if administrative wheel was jammed.
He stated no officer was ready to sign any official paper fearing if he signs any paper then a NAB case will be framed against him.
It is responsibility of executive and judiciary to correct government system, he added.