World Environment Day celebrated


Staff Report
The National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) celebrated World Environment Day on Monday along with other organisations in an event at Arid Agriculture University. Vice-Chancellor Arid University Sarwat Naz and President Academy of Sciences, Qasim Jan attended as the chief guests.
NCPC celebrated the day in collaboration with International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources, International Union for Conservation of Nature, World Wildlife Fund, Technology Times and Arid Agriculture University.
Sadaf Yasin from NCPC delivered a detailed presentation and emphasized that it is merely a matter of realization and sensitization that every national should contribute for conservation of natural resources and avoid wastage of water.
She said that there is an acute water shortage in the country and it is the need of the hour that all the issues relating to environmental degradation should be dealt with on priority basis. She was also of the view that youngsters should actively participate in plantation campaigns and environmental awareness activities.
Other representatives from different organizations also highlighted the major environmental challenges and emphasized on their collaborative solutions.
Zaigham from MOCC assured that the support of the government in all initiatives is to be adopted for confronting the environmental challenges we face.
Both the chief guests shared first hand experiences from their lives and talked about the practical ways to effectively deal with the problems which the world is facing.
The students also shared their views by delivering speeches about various environmental aspects.

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