Water shortage persists at Adiala Road


Staff Report
The residents of Adiala road Jahrahi Stop and the adjacent areas are facing an acute water shortage from the past several days, due to which many problems have arisen, for the people of these localities, in meeting their need for usable water.
The influential people from the area also seemed helpless in producing a solution to the issue.
The residents including, Rizwan Chatta, Zahoor, Adalat, Rab Nawaz, Ghulam Abbas,Riaz, Fayyaz, Said Rasool, Ali Nawaz, Shakeel Ahmed, Tasleem, Muhammad Javed, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Akram, Wasiq, Razzak and Sajjad Sadiq threatened to lodge a protest against Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) for not providing water.
A complainant of Adiala road Tariq Khan said “we have to fetch water from far flung areas to meet the daily needs.
The water shortage necessitates it for the people to buy water from water tankers.
“We can’t afford a water tank that is costly and unaffordable and we have to pay Rs18,000 twice a week to get water from this source” he added.
Another resident Ali Town Waheed Khan alleged that the tanker mafia is looting and making money by selling water at high prices.
A complainant Aziz Malik said repeated complaints have been lodged but no action is taken to cater to the basic need of water.
The residents of Rawalpindi complained that they are not being supplied adequate water supply in Ramazan.
The Capital Development Authority (CDA) also reduced water supply for Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) and Chaklala Cantonment Board (CCB) from nine million gallons a day (MGD) to a lesser value.
The locals registered their thoughts on how situation worsened in the summers as the civic body does not have an effective strategy for managing the water crisis.
The underground water is depleting and that many tubewells have gone dry recently, thus creating a need for getting water from Rawal Dam and other nearby dams for the cantonment areas of Rawalpindi.

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