Mountain cleanliness responsibility of tourists, hoteliers


Staff Report
The visitors and hotel owners should take care of the cleanliness of mountains while visiting at iftar or sehri timmings, said Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) Deputy Mayor Zeeshan Naqvi on Tuesday.
He said that the hotel owners throw their waste at mountains spoiling its beauty and environment at iftar or sehri timings.
The cleanliness of mountains is responsibility of visitors and hotel owners. Such careless and unhygienic practices are causing health hazards for the visitors as visitors do not take any particular interest in the cleanliness of the facility adding that as a result empty plastic bottles and snack wrappers are becoming more visible throughout the course.
The increasing number of hotels which are dumping thousands of gallons of contaminated water and solid waste into the mountains is a threat to the environment.
Naqvi said people generally had volunteered to collect garbage including huge mass of waste including plastic bottles, wrappers, tins, shopping bags and food-packaging thrown by the environment visitors.
Visitors exit the area after been treated to some of the best scenery the nature has to offer, but leave litter strewn all over the place. Such carelessness taints the same beauty thousands flock to the region to witness.
Nature lovers in the region are incensed by the attitude of tourists. The visitors must realise they have to properly dispose waste to protect nature.
If this rate of pollution continues, it is quite likely that the mountains will lose their natural beauty in a couple of years. However, visitors cannot be solely blamed for the mess as there are hardly any waste bins in the most of the regions. Government needs to launch projects that minimize trash generation and help ensure responsible disposal of both rubbish and human waste. The situation isn’t any better in in the Northern areas or other mountain regions of Pakistan.
While travel and tourism is the largest industry in the world its sheer size also makes it therefore the most world’s most ecologically damaging industry. Not only does the tourism bring with it a much-needed economic boost but also heaps of garbage and some side-effects too.

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