Safety steps: Health dept warns of water -borne diseases

People advised to avoid stagnant water amid concerns of fungal infection


Staff Report
Health officials have urged the people to ensure proper oral, internal and external hygiene to keep the diseases at bay.
District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Zeeshan told the Daily Morning Mail that according to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) the monsoon trough is likely to develop in a few days. He appealed to the public that they remain careful during monsoon, as it reduces the immunity of body and make it susceptible to many diseases.
He said that the diseases associated with monsoon are malaria, jaundice, gastro intestinal infections like typhoid and cholera. The puddles of water which grow stagnant after the downpour act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and their larvae. This results in the spread of diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

The DHO has advised the use of mosquito nets or repellents like mats or coils and has cautioned the people to avoid walking in dirty water during the rainy season. It leads to numerous fungal infections, which affect toes and nails.

Diabetic patients have been asked to take special care of their feet and always keep their feet dry and clean. About the anti-dengue drive, he said that the campaign is in full swing under which surveillance is being carried out in different areas of the city.
During the campaign, surveillance is continuing to check its occurrence in 46 union councils of the corporation areas especially the ones which were declared high risk areas last year.
It is the responsibility of every person to play a constructive role in controlling dengue. People must be protected against these diseases by adopting all possible precautionary measures. Steps for ensuring cleanliness need to be taken and stagnant water must not be allowed in our surroundings, said Dr Zeeshan.
He said that the spread of dengue is under control and no dengue case has been reported in Pindi due to timely anti-dengue activates of departments. Stern action would be taken against the staff deputed in the campaign in case they are found negligent in performing duties, said the DHO.

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