Tinted Windows

Powerful and political high heels are welcomed to use tinted windows, while poor pay the fine.


By Salman Ali
I like many of my fellow countrymen drives below 1000 CC car, which are mostly locally made or some reconditioned used cars chiefly hatch back light weight fuel economical vehicles. Gasoline in our home land is 90% imported and loaded with many Taxes and Levis; of which this utility spills off in the hands due to its fortnightly pricing mechanism. So for alternate energy more than 40% of these small vehicles runs on CNG. These small family cars vary from 660 cc to 1300 locally made cars. So when converting them onto alternate fuel i.e CNG their engine performances decreases. As a result, a sluggish throttle is a common phenomenon of these cars.
In the nick and corners of the vast homeland, millions of these economical cars runs on roads commuting from one end to another, Public transport systems are worst in under developed country like Pakistan although 3 cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi Islamabad and Multan in South Punjab are to some extent linked with Metro Buses but there isn’t any Mass Transit elsewhere. So dreaming to have a personal vehicle is a dream of 90% of the white collar staff. I after securing my MBA and a 2 years of Job in a telecom firm located in Clean Green Capital was able to buy a locally made 800cc car which was almost 10 years old in 2004.
These cars on roads have nominal features and facilities. for instance, we can say a vehicle with ab Electric steering and Power Windows is a Luxurious thing. What to speak of the ABS, Auto Transmission Vehicles in this low range are quite expensive. 12,000 USD for a 1000 CC Japanese Reconditioned 2 years used Car with AC, A.T, ABS and Powered Doors. I’m sure many of the readers living abroad won’t believe this.
Pakistan is situated in the Severe Heat Zone, where average temperature of hilly areas with plenty of rainfall and vegetation counts to 32°C /33°C while in South Punjab Northern Sind and Baluchistan apart from (Quetta, Ziarrat) or in South KPK mercury touches to lowest 40°C to highest 53°C. Our summer seasons starts from April to October. Air-Con car might be looks a luxurious thing but honestly I believe it is a necessity to have it while on road when plenty of heat exhausting vehicles are on your side by side in scorching sunlight and heat waves. So now I ask the authorities who implements the Motor Vehicle Ordinance of 1965, When Pakistan was just 18 years old with a 1/5 of the total population to the current times. I don’t know how many vehicles busses Lorries were in numbers. All I know is that the affluent used to have American and German Cars which weren’t touching to 6 figures of Mathematics. I’m not sure one could ever heard the term Air Conditions even at Home. A 3 wings ceiling fan used to be the symbol of a well to do family. This MVO of 1965 is 53 years’ old which is being enforced as Law of the Land. I’ve seen a heated debate on the official face book page of ICT-Police regarding the recent drive in Capital about vehicle with Light or Dark Tinted Windows.
I have huge cordial regards for IGP Sultan Azam Taimori luckily he is MBBS, Doctor from Rawalpindi and very literate well-read fellow, I sure he must be aware of the International Tinting Laws, but for my brothers and sisters I dig out few laws from world and have their official links which I can’t post here but for sure I can send to anyone through me by return email.
Here’s a summary of the Vehicle Tinted windows percentage in few countries,
In UK, if your vehicle has got tinted windows, the front windscreen must let at least 75% of light through and the front side windows 70%. There are no rules for tinting the rear windscreen or rear passenger windows.
In USA, California requires the front side windows of any car to have 70% visibility, the rear side windows and rear window can actually come in even the darkest possible tint you can imagine. Compare this with Arizona where both the front and rear side windows can have a minimum VLT of 25%.
Austria 20% tint (80% VLT) on front windows are allowed. Australia 65% tint or 35% VLT – (all windows are allowed). Denmark 60% tint or 40% VLT on rear window and rear-side windows are allowed and Finland, Hungary.30% tint or 70% VLT on rear windows are allowed.
Meanwhile Rules for Front Windows, In UK, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Russia, 25% tint – 75% VLT – on front windows and front windscreen are allowed. Belgium, Malta, United Arab Emirates, 30% tint – 70% VLT – on front windows and front windscreen. Italy, France, Spain, No tint whatsoever on front windows or front side windows. (you’re allowed a low tint on sides but nothing on front) and Australia 65% tint – 35% VLT – (all windows).
Countries where Total Tint is Ban: Portugal, Belarus, Libya, Kuwait, Bolivia, Iraq, Kenya, Pakistan, Siri Lanka Egypt and Cyprus – unless it’s the actual glass rather than a tinted film. Tinted glass appears to be fine at any transparency in Cyprus and Egypt, but tinted film is totally banned.
INDIA, at present, only car windows that have been tinted by the manufacturers are allowed. total tint ban for film, but if it’s come from the manufacturer, it can be 30% tinted – so 70% VLT – in front and rear windows, and 50% tinted on the side windows.
Almost all of these are recent law changes and are due to violence and the ongoing threat of terrorism. In Saudi Arabia 25% tint is allowed 75% if the vehicle is registered on the name of female and UAE allows 30% Tinted. Pakistan is such a hot country, at least there should be amendments in the 53-year-old MVO law. we should keep in mind that thousands of females drive cars on roads and they always feel perturb and insecure when people from other vehicles peeks in their cars. Mostly 100% tinted are used on government vehicles or the BMW, AUDI, Land Cruisers, General Public is lynch and the Bad Boys roams around without being halted for a moment. Powerful and political high heels are welcome to use it and they always get special permits. Lastly as a student of law, I end here with these lines, “Laws are not only designed to govern but intended to give effect to social policies” Another goal of the law is fairness. This means that the law should recognize and protect certain basic individual rights and freedoms, such as liberty and equality. Please make laws that are really implementable”
May I humbly pray to my Lordship and only hope, the most Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan to guide the authorities.

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