Rs130m corruption unearthed in LPG quota award


The Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) in violation of rules has awarded Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) quota to the Marathon Constructions which has caused a loss of Rs130 million to the national exchequer, sources said on Sunday.
The sources told the Daily Morning Mail that the OGDCL officers had allegedly misappropriated millions of rupees while awarding LPG quota to the Marathon Constructions. The oil corporation paid financial damages of Rs1.3 million to national exchequer.
The Marathon Constructions was given quota worth millions of rupees from Chanda oil field in violation of rules and regulations.
According to the law, a guarantee of Rs150 million is required before awarding of the quota, however, the OGDCL officials had awarded the quota against a guarantee of Rs2.5 million to Marathon Constructions and it was given advantage of Rs130 million, the sources said.
Sources told that investigation into the corruption scam was continued for the past three years but so far no officials involved in the mega corruption have been held responsible.
The sources further said goods worth millions of rupees from the OGDCL warehouse had been skimmed. No action was taken against general manager of the warehouse.
The corrupt officials of OGDCL have also looted Rs30.64 million in the name of provision of water to oil feeders. Officials involved in the mega corruption are still serving on important posts in the authority.

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