Govt works out stringent laws for NGOs

470 NGOs closed this year for not providing correct information


The government has worked out more stringent laws against NGOs involved in anti-state activities.
Sources at the Ministry of Interior said that according to the new legislation, NGOs, found working beyond their agenda and providing false information will have to face prison term ranging from three to five years along with heavy fines.
Any NGO if found involved in anti-state activities will be tried under counter terrorism act and its assets will also be seized.
According to the ministry, as many as 470 NGOs were dissolved this year for not providing correct information and for working beyond their agenda. Notices to 292 NGOs were issued whereby details about their accounts, money spent on different projects and sources of acquisition of funds have been sought.

Interior ministry sources said that NGOs which fail to furnish correct information will be closed.
The ministry has prepared a report with the help of intelligence agencies with reference to board of directors of different NGOs for taking legal action.

Interior ministry has worked out a draft law for improvement in the working of NGOs. According to this law Board members of NGOs found involved in collecting funds through false statements will be liable to undergo jail terms and will also be fined.

Presently 1482 NGOs are registered, 1012 among them are functional while 472 have been dissolved and final notices have been issued to 292 NGOs.

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