Pursuit for Science, a national importance: HEC


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is committed to capacity building of universities and building centres of excellence in fields of national importance, said HEC Chairperson Dr Tariq Banuri on Wednesday.
Speaking at a consultative meeting of HEC and the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) on Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire-Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East(CERN-SESAME). This collaboration, Dr Banuri said that the pursuit of excellence in science subjects was a national agenda of the highest importance.
He called for active collaboration between universities and other national institutes in order to strengthen each department of every institute. Also through increased involvement of Pakistani universities in such international endeavours as CERN-SESAME.
The meeting was also attended by National Centre for Physics Director General Dr Hafeez Hoorani, CAC PAEC Member Dr Javed Akhtar, CSC PAEC Director Dr Sohail Ahmad and heads of departments from universities and the executive directors and director generals of HEC. APP
The participants stressed the need to promote high energy Physics through collaboration and networking among subject experts. Clear delineation of the role of each institution, for example through the revival of learned societies and the development of a consensus programme.
Dr Arshad Ali said that multidisciplinary collaboration is required for excellence in science disciplines. He said that certain areas must be identified for joint collaboration and a time frame must be defined for completion of collaborative projects.
He said clusters need to be created to work on a certain programme under pre-agreed milestones. He emphasized that opportunities offered under these programmes must be publicly available. He also meetings will be held for consultation on other science subjects as well.
Dr Hafeez Hoorani, Dr Muhammad Latif and representatives of universities also expressed their views on the occasion.
It was decided that National Centre for Physics, PAEC and National University of Sciences and Technology will develop a website to give knowledge about high energy Physics so that relevant people may benefit from the initiatives.
It was further decided that for development of a primary framework, a group of five Physics experts will develop a proposal in the coming week and come up with a complete plan of action. Furthermore in the near future, groups for other fields like biology and chemistry will also be constituted.

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