Law in Pakistan is different for different people: Imran

‘Ask any minority group and they will complain about not getting their rights’


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said on Wednesday it is responsibility of the state to guard the rights of the minorities and underprivileged classes in society.
Addressing the representatives of minority groups at the minority’s convention, Imran presented his party’s agenda to protect the rights of various religious groups across Pakistan.
Referring to the Madina Pact Imran said, “Minorities were given rights in welfare state of Madina. But the weak don’t get their due rights in Pakistan.”
The PTI chief further said that during the Muslim rule in the sub-continent, minorities were free to follow their religious beliefs.
“The more developed a society, the more protected are the weak from the powerful,” Imran said. “I have to say it with regret that I received a lot of complaints from the Hindu community in Sindh that women belonging to the minority were forcefully being married to Muslims,” said PTI chairman.
Furthermore, Imran lamented that the law in Pakistan is different for the weak and powerful.
Citing the example of American national, Raymond Davis, who was not punished for killing a Pakistani citizen, the PTI chief said, “Had the same incident happened in US, nobody would have cared about diplomatic immunity. The person who was responsible for the accident would have been punished.”
Imran reiterated that only those societies where the supremacy of law prevails are considered civilised.
“Ask any minority group and they will complain about not getting their rights in Pakistan,” he said.
Moreover, the cricketer-cum-politician said that despite the rhetoric of the politicians pertaining to the provision of basic rights as per law to all citizens without discrimination, the condition of the ordinary people pose a bleak picture.
“The Constitution guarantees that the state will provide education and health facilities to the people but what is actually available for the common man? “Facilities are only available for a small segment of the society,” Imran added.

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