Rehman Malik for foolproof security for top political leaders


The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader, Rehman Malik on Wednesday demanded that foolproof security should be provided to the leaders of all political parties without any discrimination.
The former interior minister in a statement said “Foolproof should be provided to those for whom threat alerts had been issued.”
Malik, who heads the Senate standing committee on interior in a letter to the Ministry of Interior, reiterated that foolproof security measures for the top leadership of political parties should be arranged.
He said “In view of the serious threats received and briefing by NACTA during the meeting of Senate panel on interior held on July 9, and strict re-enforcement of the recommendations and decisions made during the meeting of the committee held on May 28 regarding foolproof security arrangements for voters, candidates, heads of political parties, electoral staff and the polling stations/locations on the polls day”.
He said security threats to the top leadership of political parties was a matter of grave concern and needed to be tackled at national level, promptly and efficiently. “It was also directed in the meeting that the provincial governments, police chiefs, and all other stake-holders should be directed by the ministry of interior and election commission to follow the procedures to ensure the security of the above mentioned stakeholders working on the day of election”.
The federal interior secretary has been asked in the letter to ensure its compliance under intimation to the office of the Senate Standing Committee chairman.
In the letter, it was also directed that the responsibility of the security shall be totally of the provincial authorities duly supervised by the Ministry of Interior according to the standard operational procedures and the directions of the ministry of interior and the election commission.

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