ANP announces 3-day peaceful mourning


ANP chief Asfandyar Wali, while speaking to reporters on Wednesday, said that the party would observe three days of peaceful mourning, adding that the ANP would participate in the polls come what may.
He expressed anger over the situation and said that he has asked his party workers to remain calm, but that being backed into a corner may be a catalyst for unrest.
“It will not be a good sign for the country if party workers shun the policy of patience,” he said.
The ANP leader explained that the party is facing a complex situation, where the enemy can identify them but they are unable to identify their enemies. “We cannot declare every man with a beard to be a member of the Taliban,” he said.
Regarding the suicide attack, he said: “these are terrorists we are dealing with. You can’t compare umpires with terrorists. The main problem is that they (Taliban) know who all of us are but we don’t know about them.”
Instead of attacking us from the back, our rivals should go head-to-head against us, he shared.
While announcing three days of mourning, the ANP chief has requested all political parties to suspend their election campaigns during this period.
“When Benazir Bhutto was killed, we mourned for three days with them. Now other parties should show compassion and mourn with us for three days,” he said.
“We will resume our election campaign after three days,” said the ANP chief. “Who lives and who dies is all in Allah’s hands, but we will not run away and will not leave the field uncontested,” he added. Staff Report

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