Youth urged to fi ght extremists’ narratives at universities, madaris

Conference held to discuss countering on-campus extremism


The National Counter Terrorism Agency (Nacta) National Coordinator Dr. Suleman Khan on Thursday urged the youth to fight extremists’ narratives infiltrating in the society, especially at the universities and religious seminaries.
The Nacta coordinator was speaking at the National Youth Conference on Countering Violent Extremism on Campuses, held here at a local hotel in Islamabad.
He also strongly condemned the terror attack last night in Peshawar. He said “It was a coward act of fistful extremist persons filled with hatred and vicious agenda; it is that evil mindset against which we all have gathered here today.”

He said ‘The National Youth Conference on Countering Violent Extremism’ is aimed to engage faculty members and students from prominent universities and religious seminaries across Pakistan and to formulate policy recommendations as part of its process for devising a Pakistan specific national strategy for countering on-campus extremism through an inclusive process. The conference will be followed up by deliberations with relevant stakeholders and experts for formulating policy recommendations and devising practical action plans for their implementation.

Dr. Suleman said that the youth shares 62 percent of the country’s population will have to come forward against the on-going war on terror by engaging themselves in positive activities, eliminating hate and extremist culture from the society, especially from amongst the students of universities and madaris.

Earlier, the Nacta coordinator warmly welcomed more than 200 honourable guests from all over Pakistan, amongst them were vice chancellors, faculty members, students senior office holders of various educational and vocational institutes including some of the prominent madaris students and faculty members of more than 25 Universities country-wide.

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