Health body chief blamed for delay in projects’ approval

Muhammad Ali Shahzad, a grade 21 of ier, has been heading Pakistan Health Research Council for one year now


Shahzad Malik
The Pakistan Health Research Council (PHRC) has allegedly been facing problems in approval of various technical-based projects due to a non-technical head.
More worsening is that the health organisation has been deprived of hiring a technical executive director by the competent authorities by giving additional charges of the organisation to a non-technical officer. Moreover, a non-technical management officer has been dealing the affairs of the PHRC for the past seven months.
More pertinent is that the hiring of an unqualified director is a clear violation of the Supreme Court (SC) orders as the top court has clearly ordered that non-technical and unqualified persons cannot lead the department, making PhD of the relevant subject a necessity.
The department responsibility has been handed over to Deputy Director Finance Shahid Mehmood Bashir who has been inducted by a court for his corruption and misuse of power.
Following the announcement, the newly appointed executive director has started efforts to remove all corruption proofs against him from the office.
A PHRC employee has submitted an application against Bashir along with corruption proofs in the apex court.
According to details, Muhammad Ali Shahzad, a non-technical grade 21 officer, has been heading Pakistan Health Research Council for the past one year. As a result, the PHRC has been facing problems in approval of many of its projects.
Whereas the SC has clearly ordered that PHRC’s head should be specialised of the relevant subject and if someone has given charge of this department it should not be more than three months.
However, Muhammad Ali Shahzad, DMG Cadre and Federal additional secretary, is heading the department for the past seven months.

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