Police framing new policy for housemaids


Staff Report

A new policy by the federal police is underway according to which people will file the personal information of a servant in their respective police stations or the facilitation centre for a complete background check before hiring one.
The decision to come up with the policy was reached after seeing the rise in theft cases and robberies. An awareness campaign will also be started to let the people know about this new policy said a police official.
People while hiring domestic servants will file all information of their servant in the relevant police stations or the facilitation centre in the Sector F-6. The documents submitted in the facilitation centre will then be sent to the relevant police stations.
Proper working will be started in the coming days after the policy has been finalised.
Earlier, all personal information about the tenants was provided to the police stations by the owners of the house for safety reasons. It has been decided that now the particulars of domestic servants will also be filed in the relevant police stations. This will not only make it easier for the people but also for the police to track the servants in case of theft or a robbery.

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