Drug peddling on rise in capital


Ijaz Cheema
With the alleged connivance of federal police the criminal activities are on a rise in G-6 and G-7 sectors of capital.
Different sectors of the capital now appear to serve safe haven for criminals, with vices of prostitution, liquor, heroin and hashish sale taking place by paying monthly extortion to police.
According to the sources, more than 24 organised narcotics dens are working and pouring poison in the nerves of youth in the jurisdiction of Aabpara Police Station.
The hotels situated in Sitara Market including Asia Hotel, Pakeeza Hotel, Sammara Hotel, Dynasty Hotel and Sitara Blue Star Hotel are known for their alleged involvement by allowing suspicious activities.
Such malicious activities are also going on in G-7 Awami Market, G-6 Flats, Gulshan Market, Jan Market, Fire Bridge Market, Khadda Market, Kacchi Market, Roh Afza Market, Gol Market, Golden Market and Tallwala.
Narcotics dens are allegedly run by Iqbal Masih, Babar Masih, Khurram Shahzad, Imran Masih Bagli, Dinga, Lala Anwar, Asif Masi, Neela, Tafa, Thomas and Kala Masih.
Gambling is also on rise in the areas of G-7 Sitara Market Ground, Bank Colony, Seventh Avenue and Faisal Colony where Mang Pata, Seep, Ring Dabba gamble and Laddo are being played by the gamblers.

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