Police find missing youngster at Madiha Shah’s residence


A 22 years old man, who had been missing since the past eight days was found on Thursday at actor Madiha Shah’s residence in Lahore, police said.
According to media reports family of Ahmed had approached police and a registered case at Lahore’s Factory Area Police Station eight days ago.
Ahmed’s brother said information provided by Ahmed’s friends led them to the actress residence from where the police recovered him.
The family accused the actor of drugging Ahmed and having “relationship” with him since the past one year and a half.
Ahmed, however, dismissed the allegations against the actor saying “I had gone to Madiha Shah’s house to work. My family’s accusations are untruthful.”
The actor also termed the allegation of Ahmed’s abduction as entirely ‘baseless’ claiming that he had been employed as her driver for the past 10 months.
“Ahmed had quit working for me some time ago and had started driving a taxi, after which his family had snatched the vehicle away from him and had started mistreating him,” stated Shah.
She went on to add that he had refused to return home claiming that his family would attack him while stating that he himself has informed the police that he was not abducted.
Moreover, she alleged that his family has been blackmailing her to get money.
“I will take action against those placing accusations,” stated Shah.

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