PCB to launch cricket TV channel


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi has said that board has started initial preparations to launch its own cricket channel and an application has been filed with PEMRA to obtain the license. .
In an interview with a private TV channel, he said Pakistan will be the first among world countries playing test cricket which will have its own TV channel.
He added talk shows will also be broadcast besides cricket matches and PCB will also broadcast the different documentaries in order to improve its image.”
Najam Sethi added, “Pakistan Cricket Board is buying airtime via open tender to show live cricket for at least 80 days along with local, international cricket matches. Also, the channel will broadcast Pakistan Super League (PSL) live on the channel. A separate contract will be made for the production rights to telecast matches. The PCB will execute an agreement for 5 years with the channel of lowest bid while the PCB channel can take a year to come.”
He further added, “We have invited tenders to buy airtime and any Pakistani channel can sell its airtime to the PCB by seeing the advertisement.”
Earlier in 2006, Shehyar Khan had also started the initial preparations to launch a cricket channel after spending millions of rupees on it but PCB couldn’t materialize that plan.
“PCB will build its own studios, a team of professional persons will be made for channel while purchasing air-time, we will telecast our cricket around the world and matches organized under PCB will be broadcast in more than a single place”, said Najam.
“Our first priority is to broadcast our domestic cricket to people. This year, we have spent a lot of money in the domestic cricket. Great boosts have been made in the winning prizes of teams and players and are making unique efforts to deliver this product to your houses.” Online

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