SC seeks report on Memogate

Amicus curiae suggests obtaining red warrant for Haqqani, case be transferred to NAB


Babar Anwar
Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) has sought report from the federal government and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Memogate scandal in the light of report submitted by ‘amicus the curiae’ Aamir Bilal Soofi, a senior advocate on Thursday.
Aamir Soofi, a legal expert in international law, was requested by the apex court to assist on the matter.
According to details, a three member bench headed by Chief Justice, while hearing the case found the report from Aamir Bilal Soofi who contended that “under the current circumstances red warrant cannot be issued against the main accused, the former Pakistan ambassador Hussain Haqqani in the contempt of court case.”
He, however, argued while submitting the report that this could change in the case of ‘marring country’s interest’. He said that red warrant against Haqqani could be issued in corruption case because NAB was internationally recognised body.
He suggested that the case of the main accused of Haqqani should be transferred to NAB so the anti-graft body could request the Interpol for red warrant for Haqqani. He further said that Pakistan and America have been exchanging the accused in the past.
Referring to the case of this year the incident of US defence attaché Colonel Joseph’s evacuation from Islamabad the CJP said, “a US plane landed in Islamabad and picked their person of interest and flew away from here,” to which Aamir Soofi responded that perhaps Pakistan couldn’t do what the United States has done.
He argued that Pakistan has voluntarily handed over many accused to the US.
The CJ said it’s up to the government to do what it deems appropriate as the court could not bring the accused back who left for America after giving assurance of returning back.
The court after seeking reports from the NAB and the government adjourned the case until after Eidul Azha.

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