Stay calm & celebrate: Police form squad to check wheelie


The Rawalpindi traffic police have formed a special squad to keep an eye on wheeling on the Independence Day.
According to the plan, police teams will be deployed at different intersections and thoroughfares to stop motorcyclists from wheeling and other stunts
According to the police, strict action would be taken against violators to avoid accidents and mishaps on August 14.
A control room has also been set up at the traffic police headquarters to monitor traffic in the city, while a helpline (1915, 051-9272616, 051-9269200) has also been set up for Murree.
Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Muhammad Ashraf said that all-out efforts would be made to control traffic on roads and particularly the one leading to Murree.
He warned wheelers of arrests and other repercussions. The CTO said that wheelers would be dealt with according to the law and wardens have been directed to impound motorcycles of wheelers.
He also urged parents to keep an eye other their children who put their own and others’ lives at risk by indulging in dangerous stunts in the name of Independence Day celebrations. APP

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