Tree plantation drive launched


Staff Report
The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) on Friday launched the monsoon tree plantation 2018 at the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC).
PARC Chairman Dr Yusuf Zafar inaugurated the drive by planting a tree at the NARC.
Dr Zafar emphasizing the importance of plantation urged the scientists, researchers and internees of PARC/NARC to fully participate in the tree plantation campaign.
“Our forests are unique and the diverse ecological systems provide timbre and fuel wood besides offering environmental and ecological services such as water regulation, soil fertility regulation and habitat for biodiversity,” he said.
He further said that plantation was not only necessary for ecosystem services but also essential to counter the negative impacts of climate change.
“It is also very important to increase and ensure the survival rate of plants through protection and care,” he said.
Dr Zafar said that tree plantation campaigns were frequently conducted to highlight the important role played by the forests in the improvement of environment. He also urged the people to plant the maximum number of trees to make the drive successful.

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