Rehabilitating children: Efforts afoot to find spacious space for street children


Obaid Abbasi


In order to rehabilitate displaced and street children, the Ministry of Human Rights (MOHR) has geared up its efforts to allot a new building for the National Child Protection Centre (NCPC), well-placed sources told Daily Morning Mail on Monday.

Currently, the child protection centre is located in Sector H-9 in a small building owned by the Capital Administration Development Division (CADD) which is falling short of space.

However, the ministry has decided to explore a new building where all street children could be accommodated and rehabilitated, the sources in the ministry told Daily Morning Mail.

According to the sources, during a recent cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan also assured to provide a proper building for the centre so that the street children could be rehabilitated in the federal capital.

 After the cabinet’s meeting, the ministry has started to find a building which could house at least 1,000 children.

The sources said that the ministry has also advertised for the post of physiologists, a nurse, a doctor and a computer trainer through Federal Public Service Commission in order to give them vocational and medical facilities at the centre.  

The previous government had passed ICT Child Protection Law and under the law the government was bound to provide a secure environment to the displaced children.

 A large number of children are often seen begging on the roads and streets and on traffic signals in the federal capital. Children are also used by professional mafias for begging and as a result, they become vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and violence, said the sources.

They said there were around 100 buildings owned by different ministries which can be declared as a proper centre, however, it was up to the government to expedite the process.

Currently, around 60 children are residing in the NCPC. However, due to low space, the children are not given proper attention, the sources said.

Under the law, NCPC is bound to provide protection to vulnerable children, ranging from family reunification, temporary shelter services, rehabilitation, reintegration, non-formal education and skill enhancement for children belonging to the marginalised segments of society.

The NCPC has been providing services since 2007 and so far it has reunited over 3,500 children with their families.

A senior official at the ministry said that there was a dire to provide them vocational training and computer training so that they could perform better in the society.