Opposition leader demands relief for people in ‘mini-budget’


Staff Report


Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) senior leader and former leader of opposition in National Assembly (NA) on Thursday said that the government’s brainchild of the ‘mini-budget’ should relieve the people instead of burdening them with more taxes.

Pinning hopes on the finance minister and premier Imran Khan, Shah said that the people were waiting for the government to initiate a commendable step for the economy. However, Shah was also critical of the incessant taxation the government has subjected the people to in its first days.

“So far, we’ve seen the government tax people more than any previous government. This is a serious deviation from their claims of relieving the people from taxes. However, the mini-budget is yet to be released and I hope that it succeeds in reaffirming the government’s earlier claims,” he explained to media men.

They should tax sectors that are generating revenue instead of taxing the salaried class or the commoners, Shah suggested.

The PPP stalwart was also hopeful of the situation of dams in the country. He was of the view that three more dams would change the bleak outlook of the country.

“If three more dams are constructed, Pakistan’s economic condition will become vibrant,” he said.

The public would be able to get cheap power and this would subsequently benefit the agricultural sector, he added.

“The total cost of the dams falls somewhere near Rs1600 billion. Such a mammoth amount cannot be accrued via donations. Foreign aid is imperative for this cause,” he said.

Commenting on the death of former first lady Kulsoom Nawaz, Shah said that it was unfortunate that Nawaz had gotten out just to attend his spouse’s funeral and last rites.

He commented that it must have been regretful for the trio to have been incarcerated while Kulsoom passed away in London’s Harvey Street Hospital, while lauding the deceased for her stance on democracy.


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