PM housing scheme a hope for homeless

MNA Nasir Khan says housing is basic right of every citizen, will offer employment opportunity to wood designers, craftsmen, civil engineers, architects, construction companies, cement and marble owners



The ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Program’ by Prime Minister Imran Khan has been appreciated across the country people from all walks of life have termed it a ray of hope for homeless, and poor people.

Member National Assembly (MNA), Nasir Khan Musazai said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has fulfilled yet another promise by launching the first ever mega housing program for poor people and low income groups to construct five million houses in next five years.

“Housing is the basic and fundamental right of every citizen of Pakistan and with construction of such a large number of affordable houses for ordinary citizens and poor segment of the society, the problem of shortage of housings in the country will be addressed,” he said.

The inauguration of the mega housing project , which was part of government’s election manifesto of constructing five million houses for shelterless and poor people in its five years, was fulfilled today by the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Musazai said construction of such a large number of housing units will generate employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people besides boosting construction related industries.

He said more than 40 industries including cement, iron, wood, marble and furniture directly or indirectly related with housing sector will get enormous boost in the country.

The PTI leader said ordinary people spend their hard earned money by paying rent of houses and they hardly become owner of a house due to lack of financial resources.

He said change did not come overnight and time will be required for construction of five million houses in the country.

Economic and financial expert Professor Dr Naeem Khan highly welcomed launching of Naya Pakistan Housing Program and termed it a ray of hope for low income groups and ordinary people.

He said construction of five million houses in five years is economically feasible, however huge financial resources and land would be required for its construction.

Dr Naeem said people of every of life including wood designers, craftsmen, civil engineers, architects, construction companies, cement and marble owners would be largely benefited from this program.

He welcomed PM Imran Khan’s announcement for establishment of Naya Pakistan Housing Authority that would provide one-window operation to investors besides facilitating this process on modern lines.

Dr Naeem also lauded preparation of new regulatory body that would help arrange financing for this mega project.

Nazim Bhadar Khan has also welcomed the housing program of PTI Government, saying it has sparked widespread jubilations among poor and low income groups in all provinces including

Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

He said it will help reduce pressure of people in cities coming for housing and will get affordable houses near their doorsteps.

Muhammad Yasqoob Khan, Additional Director Planning, Provincial Housing Authority KP said that as per KP share in population , around 750,000 houses would be built in different districts of the province under PM’s housing program during next five years.