Retired brigadier goes missing


Zeeshan Kamboh


A retired brigadier, who had served in one of the premier intelligence agencies of the country, has gone missing from Sector G-1-/2 Islamabad under mysterious circumstances.

According to an application submitted by Muhammad Ali Rizwan, with the Ramna Police Station, his father, a retired brigadier, who hailed from Haripur, left his residence on October 10 at 7 pm with his driver. However, at 9 pm the driver, who is close to the family, told them that the brigadier has gone missing under mysterious circumstances.

According to the applicant, the driver told the family that the brigadier went to a roadside hotel (Dhaba) telling him that he was going to have a cup of tea.

The driver further told the family that he asked the brigadier to accompany him but the brigadier refused his company and asked him to wait in the car. At around 10 pm, according to the driver, he called the brigadier but his phone was switched off. Sensing the trouble, he informed the family immediately.

The brigadier’s son told the police that the family has been trying to locate him on their own but their efforts bore no fruit.

As per the statement recorded with the police, most probably, the brigadier may have been kidnapped by unknown persons.

When Daily Morning Mail contacted Ramna Police Investigating Officer Inspector Gulzar, he said that the police have so far failed to locate his whereabouts. He said that the police were investigating the case from different angles but no tangible progress has been made so far.