RAC to stage drama on 1965 war hero


Staff Report


The Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) will present a stage drama titled “Watan ka Shedai” on the life of sepoy Maqbool Hussain, the hero of the 1965 war.

The drama will be staged on October 13 at the RAC auditorium at 6 pm.

Provincial Minister of Punjab for Information and Culture Fayyaz-ul Hassan Chohan will be the chief guest at the event.

The drama has been written by Naheed Manzoor and will depict the life of Maqbool Hussain, who was taken prisoner by the Indian army during the 1965 war.

Despite suffering dreadful torture for 40 years in jails of India, Maqbool Hussain never disclosed the secrets of Pakistan and continued to chant the slogan of ‘Long live Pakistan’ until his tongue was chopped off. Voiceless during his confinement, sepoy Maqbool Hussain wrote ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ with his blood.

He was released by Indian authorities in 2015 and returned to his unit, where he saluted the Unit Commander. He introduced himself by writing his identification number on a paper, following which he was identified by the Pakistani authorities and hailed a hero.

The drama will present Maqbool Hussain as a symbol of resilience and spread the message of his life story.