KP Assembly passes Rs648b surplus budget

Opposition parties boycott session over Shehbaz Sharif’s incarceration



Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Finance Minister Taimur Saleem Jaghra on Monday presented a surplus budget for the fiscal year 2018-2019 as opposition parties boycotted the assembly session over the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Shehbaz Sharif’ s incarceration.

Jhagra while unveiling the budget said that Rs618b expenditure had been divided into current revenue expenditure of Rs438b and annual development programme (ADP) expense of Rs180b.

Referring to the expenditure summary position in 2018-2019, the minister said that Rs259b had been allocated for general public service, Rs59b for public order and safety affairs, Rs24.25b for economic affairs, Rs7.4b for housing and community amenities, Rs35b for health sector, Rs1.41b for recreation, culture and religion, Rs33 billion for education, and Rs8b for social protection.

The KP Government, he said, had allocated Rs7.7b for repayment of loans and Rs210million against loans in advances, adding the provincial ADP would get Rs79.5b and the districts would receive Rs29.34 billion.

The minister informed the house that the PTI government was expanding the scope of jurisdiction of Sehat Insaf Card.


  Key heads Rupees in billion
a General public service 259
b Public order and safety affairs 59
c Health sector 35
d Education 33
e Economic affairs 24.25
f Social protection 8
g Housing and community amenities 7.4
h Recreation, culture and religion 1.41



This year we will be providing 0.8m more Sehat Insaf Cards to the deserving families and will ensure that the disabled, widows and veterans have access to these cards.

“It is a part of our 100-day agenda,” he said, and told the house that “we will provide Rs5b for provision of interest-free loans to youth for establishing their businesses.”

As many as Rs9.6b will be spent on provision of basic infrastructure in education, health, public order, communication, water, and local government sectors, the provincial finance minister said.

Likewise, he said that the government wanted to eliminate “Thana culture” and was introducing budget at police station level for the capacity building of the KP police.

The minister announced 90pc of the development budget for the on-going development projects and 10pc for new schemes. Additional input from the News Desk