Can’t bear to see children dying of thirst: CJ

Nisar warns of impending doom if country runs out of water



Chief Justice (CJ) Saqib Nisar said on Saturday that he could not bear watching children die of thirst in the country.

Addressing a closing session of a symposium on water resources at the Supreme Court (SC), the chief justice said that he is not ready to end their children’s lives by his own hands.

He warned that life would gradually become extinct in the country in case of non-availability of water.

“Make Pakistan your beloved for one year,” Justice Nisar said, while addressing the attendees. “Can’t we love this Pakistan?”

He said the country was the “love of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah”, for which he kept his ailment secret.

“Love Pakistan and you will never act against this country,” the chief justice said.

He said he held the constitution quite dear to him, adding that it has a chapter on basic rights.

“I have always had this thought of safeguarding basic rights of the people,” Justice Nisar said. “The state is responsible for these rights under Article 7.”

He lamented that we let our water flow into the sea, saying “Human, industrial and medical waste is found in Karachi water.”

The chief justice also questioned if he had interfered in any administrative affair.

He said that he acted in favour of people lying down on the ground waiting for medicines at hospitals.

‘What should we do if someone did not fulfill his responsibility,” Justice Nisar remarked. News Desk