Citizens demand qualifi ed staf at pharmacies, medical stores



Citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Monday urged the authorities concerned to take strict action against pharmacies and medical stores for retaining non-professional staff to sell medicine.

According to them, instead of hiring qualified pharmacists, several pharmacies and medical stores have inducted untrained and inexperienced employees, putting the lives of the citizens at great risk.

They said that there was a need to have frequent surprise visits of these medical stores by officials concerned to check the qualification of the staff hired to run medical stores.

Akram Khurshid, a citizen, said that the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has an important role to play in this regard and ensure abiding by the existing laws by the medical stores or pharmacies.

He said only experienced pharmacists with the relevant degree should be allowed to deal with the customers at medical stores.

“While playing with the lives of others, many medical stores avoid to follow the laid down laws by offering jobs of sales managers to those who do not have even basic knowledge of medicine,” Kamran Salim, a citizen said.

He asked to ensure deputing only pharmacists at medical stores with having the relevant qualification to protect the customers from facing complications caused by the use of wrong medicine at the hands of irrelevant sales managers.

Akram Khan, another citizen, said that pharmaceutical companies should also consider the seriousness of the matter and deliver stock to only those medical stores where all the laws were followed.

He suggested conducting regular surprise visits by the DRAP teams to the medical stores to check the sale of sub-standard or spurious drugs and implementing the laws including the price hike.

An official of the DRAP said that the authority would take action against those medical stores being run by unqualified persons.

He said that with the support of provincial governments, the DRAP was determined to take action against violators.