Political wrangling



Political wrangling among three mainstream political parties appears to be at its peak these days. Verbal attacks are going on both from the government side and opposition. On behalf of the government, Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry is leading the onslaught on mainstream opposition parties including the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). In his latest remarks he targeted the PPP and took its leadership to task over governance issues as well as money laundering scandals. He also allegedly hinted at overthrowing the PPP government in Sindh. Seasoned politician Khurshid Shah warned the Minister from issuing irresponsible statement and meddling in provincial matters. He also cautioned him against taking any unconstitutional step.

Currently, the PTI is getting experience of how to run government affairs. It is still inexperience and needs more time to establish its credentials. In this situation, it is not suitable for the PTI leadership to indulge in political tussles with opposition parties. The best thing for the PTI is that it needs to win hearts of the masses through its performance. All the focus should be on amelioration of the suffering of the masses. Any political adventurism can create disastrous outcome, which is not in the interests of the country. Our country is passing through critical period. Our Parliament has been turned into a battle field where the treasury and opposition members never hesitate to indulge in verbal or physical attacks. The rivalry between the PTI and PPP has been going on since the elections of 2018. Just like the PML-N, the PTI always accuses the PPP leadership of committing corruption. The PTI needs to bring out evidence of corruption before the public instead of issuing mere statements. At the same time, the passing of sarcastic remarks against party leaders and workers and maligning their image must be stopped. Instead of depending on the power of negative propaganda, the PTI and PPP should win the masses’ support through positive attitudes and practical work. Instead of indulging in the politics of retaliation, they should act wisely because our country is not in a position to afford the distraction of such political wrangling.

These political tussles among the top political parties in no way are in the national interest. The asses bear the brunt of these political games. It is also the responsibility of government that it should not provide a chance to the opposition to respond negatively. Rather, all issues and differences must be sorted out in parliament. The PTI government, like any other government in a democratic set-up, is answerable to the people of Pakistan, and without further ado, the prime minister and his coterie of ministers should devise a mechanism to be cautious while issuing any statement. The PPP should take stock of its dwindling fortunes and work to put its own house in order instead of looking for loopholes to evade accountability of its past misdeeds. And the PTI should work on formulation of strategies to win the masses’ support.