Winter delights: A tale of ‘pomegranate’ in twin cities



The temperature is dropping further every day and pomegranate has made an appearance in the markets of the twin cities with an increased demand.

Crowds can be seen at the fruit stalls buying the available variety to enjoy the taste of the seasonal fruit. A report aired by a private news channel said that the sudden drop in temperature has led to a hike in the sale of the fruit and has led to an increase in the number of sale points.

According to the shopkeepers, the demand of pomegranate has increased manifold and the fruit shops in different areas are crowded with customers. Men, women and children bought the seasonal fruit from vendors, shops and carts as it is full of nutrients and minerals.

Various kinds of pomegranate including Chamman, Quetta, Peshawri, Afghanistan and others are being sold at stalls, they added.

Sikandar Ali, a pomegranate merchant said that its consumption multiplies in winters, which is evident from a dramatic surge in its sale. He said that people even enjoyed the juice of pomegranate and made many other winter delights.

Noman, a customer, while sharing his experience said that it was the best fruit in winter not only for the adults but also for the children. It fills the deficiency of iron and works amazingly in treatment of different illnesses, he said.

Another customer, Shakeel Javed said that he eats pomegranate usually after lunch as it is suggested by health experts to gain more benefits of it. Counting benefits of the most appealing fruit of the season he said it prevents heart diseases as it is rich of vitamins C. It helps in the digestion of food and it is beneficial for the skin and hair.

A shopkeeper at vegetable market said that the demand of it has increased due to its deliciousness.

A pomegranate lover Asad said that Dasi pomegranate is sweet in taste while Qandhari is citric which is good for liver and heart patients. APP