NA session: Khursheed deplores Fawad’s anti-opposition remarks

Says if all corrupt lawmakers are sent into space, NA would be left with empty govt benches


Tariq Virk


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senior leader Syed Khursheed Shah on Tuesday deplored a government minister for his anti-opposition comment.

Furthering his speech at the National Assembly (NA) Shah criticised the government minster for anti- opposition remarks and said that if all corrupt individuals would be sent to the space, it (the government) would be left with empty benches.

Shah said that a lawmaker from the ruling party has said that the government would leave no stone un-turned in sending all corrupt individuals into the space. To which the PPP leader reacted, “The government do not know by doing so will empty its benches.”

Shah further said the government was talking about collecting five years of data of political leader, “I will suggest it to just collect last four months data and everything will be clear,” he added.

Commenting on Benazir Butto’s services and sacrifices for democracy in the country he said that Benazir was a model of democracy for Pakistan and she made numerous sacrifices for the cause of democracy.

He further said that the previous government had named Rawalpindi airport as Benazir Bhutto International Airport (BBIA) but later it was changed.

The PPP senior leader said that Benazir’s name could not be eliminated until the democracy prevailed in the country.

He said that she (Benazir) was not only the PPP leader but also of the entire country and suggested to the government to pool data of the last four month to get a clear picture of the government affairs.

Shah said that the Quaid’s Pakistan had been replaced with ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Responding to Shah, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said that former prime minister (late) Benazir was a political martyred.

Maulana Akbar Khan Chitrali was regretful for the government ‘failure’ to complete the selection process of the senate standing committees’ members and added that they were coming from far-flung areas to represent their peoples in the house.

He was curious that how the government would take measures in public interest when the public account of the government was empty.

Chitrali further deplored that despite passing over two month’s period they (ruling party) could do nothing for the masses.

He said that he always called Benazir a martyred of democracy and never talked against her character.  Regarding senate standing committees, he said that the selection procedure had almost been completed and work on pending affairs was going on.