Communication barriers in hi-tech industry


By Abbas Ali Haque

The first and foremost factor in the running of any kind of industry is communication.hen we use the term industry we mean an economic activity which deals with the handling of raw materials and production of goods in factories. And then we have hi tech industry, the simple explanation would be that when technology is incorporated in industry it becomes hi tech industry, all terms included like science, engineering and mathematics. Hi tech industry has played a vital role in economic growth however, it has its froths.

It is the key factor in the success of any organization. Operative communication in an industry has to come across a few hindrances. It is assumed that communication is an easy task, believe me it is not. What makes it difficult are the barriers that come in its way.

To start with let’s look at how people differ in their point of views and the difference of opinion leads to lack of communication. Then there are emotional factors involved. We don’t trust people easily and don’t communicate with our coworkers due to the trust issue.  Another common issue is language. An effective communication takes place if we know the local language or there is a common language understood by all employees.

Another issue in communication in hi- tech industry is the way workers are segregated by walls or closed doors this also brings a gap between workers and thus leads to a barrier in communication. Noise can also be a barrier as the sounds of machines lead to miscommunication or none at all. Sometimes the managers only convey to their boss what they feel fit and this leads to filtered information, resulting in ineffective communication.

Then too much information also leads to errors and hence putting a barrier in the way of communication.

Now in a hi-tech industry the different departments have their own goals and objectives and this is another barrier to communication. As every department is defending their own interests they communicate what is best for them.

There is one more factor which seems to be a hurdle in in communication in a hi-tech industry.

It is that all personal working in the industry should be well aware of the new technical skills and high-ICT competencies. As in every hi tech industry it is the vital part of communication and inefficiency can lead to a barrier in communication. Moreover, workers need to be skilled in using the new technology otherwise it leads to lack of communication between the buyer and the seller as the message is not getting across.

Then we have to change the mindset of the workers to shift to new ideas and adopt new ways of communication linked with new technology. As it is difficult for people to embrace new ideas thus, making it a barrier.

Communication is the key to success in any industry therefore it needs to be highlighted and stressed upon. Overcoming communication barriers can be achieved through proper training intercessions. Programsto improve listening and written skills, build conversational skills, trainings on verbal and non-verbal communications skills should be enhanced.