Various operations: ANF seizes drugs worth Rs3.96bn

10 culprits arrested during nine counter-narcotics strikes conducted across the country


Staff Report


The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) has seized narcotics worth Rs3.96 billion, impounded a vehicle and arrested 10 culprits including a foreigner during its nine counter-narcotics strikes conducted across the country.

The seized 3394.836 kg of drugs comprised of 1.6 kg of hashish, 3375 kg of opium, 13.175 kg heroin and 5.061 kg of amphetamine.

The ANF Rawalpindi arrested Hayat Ullah, a resident of Mardan, from the Islamabad International Airport (IIA) on suspicion of intaking Narco filled capsules.

Hayat Ullah was admitted to Benazir Bhutto Hospital where he coughed up 55-heroin filled capsules.

During the search of the luggage of the arrested culprit, 2.230 kg of amphetamine soaked in papers and talcum powder bottle placed in his luggage was recovered. He was scheduled to fly for Saudi Arabia before he was caught.

In another operation, the ANF Rawalpindi arrested Junaid Iqbal and Awais Khan both from Gilgit and affiliated to the Anti Terrorism Court of Gilgit.

Hashish was recovered from their personal possession.

In the third operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested Ayaz Muhammad and his wife Shazia from the Islamabad airport while they were about to fly for Jeddah (KSA) and recovered 1.238 Kg Amphetamine from their trolley bag.

During the fourth anti-narcotics operation, ANF Rawalpindi arrested Adil Khan resident of Haripur from the airport while he was all set to fly for Dammam (KSA), recovering 743 grams of Amphetamine.

ANF Lahore intercepted a Toyota Hiace near Motorway-M4 Toll Plaza, only to recover an 8 Kg amount of Heroin that was concealed in CNG Cylinder of the vehicle.

Another person onboard Muhammad Yasir resident of Charsadda was also arrested during the operation.

In another operation, ANF Lahore arrested from the Allama Iqbal International Airport a Maldivian citizen namely Ahmad Shafiq Ibrahim on suspicion charges of ingested narco capsules.

Ahmed Shafiq was admitted in Services Hospital, in Lahore where he delivered 61 Heroin filled.

In another operation, ANF Lahore arrested Faraz Ahmed, a resident of Sargodha at Multan International Airport and recovered 850 Gram Amphetamine from his luggage just before he was flying to KSA.

The ANF Quetta has also arrested Muhammad Aslam resident of Chagai from general area of Girdi Jungle and recovered 4.25 Kg Heroin from his personal possession.

In another operation, ANF Quetta recovered 3375 Kg Opium from Chagai district.