BISE Pindi intermediate exams: Inspector booked for catching cheating mafia red-handed

Board’s controller of examination working hands in glove


Tauseef Abbasi


In an unprecedented move, the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Rawalpindi controller of examination allegedly got an FIR lodged against the board inspector for catching a cheating mafia red-handed during a raid on a centre at the Government Boys High School Murree a few days back.

Sources confided to Daily Morning Mail that BISE Rawalpindi Inspector Nawaz Abbasi, during a visit to the examination centre in Murree, had caught a student using his mobile phone to attempt the English Part-II paper and another girl student for attempting the paper outside the examination hall.

After witnessing the whole episode and confiscating the papers from the two students, Inspector Nawaz Abbasi asked Superintendent Tayyab Tehseen, the controller of the centre, to countersign the inspection report before it was submitted to the controller of examination. However, Tehseen flatly refused to sign the inspection report and argued with the inspector in a rude manner. Finally, Nawaz Abbasi got the inspection report signed by Deputy Superintendent Fayyaz Abbasi and submitted the final report to Controller of Examination Abid Kharral.

Interestingly, Controller of Examination Abid Kharral, instead of taking action against Superintendent Tehseen and the students, asked him (Tehseen) to get an FIR registered against Inspector Nawaz Abbasi at Murree Police Station, forcing the inspector to take a pre-arrest bail from a local court, the sources said.

According to sources, the controller of examination after a lapse of three days removed Superintendent Tehseen from the examination centre and gave charge to Deputy Superintendent Fayyaz Abbasi to sweep the matter under the carpet.

According to the sources, Superintendent Tehseen had ‘sold’ the examination centre for Rs0.8 million and the ill-gotten money was equally distributed among the top board officials including the controller of examination.

When contacted, Abid Kharral beat about the bush and discussed the matter without coming to the point. When pressed further explain if the inspector had submitted the inspection report the centre to him, he said, “I am not supposed to disclose such matters to the press and it is not of your business”.

When asked about the “sell-off” of the examination centre for Rs0.8 million, he could not give a satisfactory answer and hung up the phone.