NRO case: We will not decide on hearsay: Justice Ijaz 


Staff Report


Supreme Court has sought an opinion from the federation and the NAB on the maintainability of a petition pertaining to an NRO case.

According to media reports a two-member bench comprising Justice Ijazul Ahsan and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah resumed hearing of objections on the maintainability of a petition filed by the Lawyers Foundation for Justice President Feroz Shah Gilani urging recovery of losses incurred by the national exchequer due to the promulgation of the NRO.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan remarked during the hearing of the case that the NRO judgment is under Article 187. This is a serious matter. Farooq H Naik says Asif Ali Zardari has been acquitted in all cases.

Can the case be reopened under article 184(3) after his acquittal?  You please tell us where the documents are. We will not give judgment on hearsay. You will have to satisfy us.

The petitioner Feroz Shah Gillani while arguing on the maintainability of petition took the plea NRO case is maintainable.

All papers have not been provided to me. The requisite information has to be furnished by NAB. The information is lying in different references.

Additional Attorney-General (AAG) told the court this matter is finished now.

The court while directing the federation, petitioner and the NAB to file reply with reference to the maintainability of the petition adjourned the hearing of case for three weeks.