Need to impart zigzag technology training to kiln-workers




Thousands of brick-kiln workers will have to face economic hardships after the closure of traditional kilns under the government policy and there is dire need to impart such workers training about the

new zigzag technology to be used for setting up kilns in future in the country.

This was stated by Gulzaar Khan, president of Brick-Kiln Association Khanewal Road while talking to APP here on Sunday.

He said zigzag brick-kilns are established with the latest techniques and they produce the very small amount of smoke.

He said that there were over 620 traditional kilns in Multan division and about 200 to 250 workers work on each kiln.

He said that thousands of laborers were worried as the closure of kilns had rendered them unemployed.

Gulzar Khan said under the new policy, kilns with zigzag technology would be allowed to operate, but the whole region lacked such kilns.

He demanded of the government to impart training to workers about the zigzag technology.

Some kiln workers including Shama, Riaz, Aslam, and others expressed their concerns over the issue of closure of kilns.

Deputy Director Environment Zafar Iqbal, when asked about the capacity building of the brick-kiln workers about the new technology, said that they had arranged two workshops for the kiln’s owners on zigzag kiln technology in which experts from Nepal delivered lectures.

About unemployment of labourers, he said that he was following the government policy.

He, however, promised that training would be imparted to kiln workers soon. APP