Horrific attacks



In Besides, the continuation of terrorist attacks shows that no place is safe in Pakistan at the hands of terrorists, who want to impose their misplaced agenda in the country. The latest spree of terrorist attacks has renewed concerns about security. Although a military offensive is going on against militants, the state has failed to completely eliminate the threat of militancy. In fact, we are still in a state of war with militants that are regrouping and increasing their activities. The government needs to ensure that the situation does not get out of control. Therefore, the government needs to gird up its loins against these monsters, who are set to destroy the future of our coming generation.n a shocking turn of events, two terrorist attacks in a single day have jolted the nation as a new wave of terrorism is revisiting the country. Earlier, a terror bid was foiled when three terrorists attacked the Chinese consulate in Karachi. However, the blast in Orakzai Agency was one of the deadliest events. The blast has so far claimed 25 lives and left 35 persons injured. Sadly, the death toll could rise as Kalaya Bazaar in Hangu was crowded when the explosion took place. The latest attacks have been condemned by the government and opposition and a resolve has been renewed to purge the country of all militants. A string of terrorist attacks shows that the enemies of state have once again started their evil agenda. Under a new strategy, militants are attacking soft targets and creating fear among the local population. The attack in Hangu shows that militancy is once again gripping restive areas of the country. Through these acts, terrorists want to destabilise the country and pose a threat to development activities particularly the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Military success against the militants in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is doubtlessly a major feather in the cap of the state. However this should not be taken to mean that the “back of the terrorists” has been broken because they are simply down rather than being out. While taking a beating, they have revised their strategy and the trend of militants is also by now clear. Rather than targeting security establishments or military offices, they now go after so-called “soft targets” that are less likely to attract the full attention of security details. The National Action Plan (NAP) that was meant to complement military operations and root out the hidden cells and networks of terrorists, as well as target the hateful ideology these terrorists feed off of, has not been very effective due to lack of internal consistency and resolve. Different terrorist groups operating within Pakistan are bolstered by relying on a shared nexus of operatives. Provincial police forces, the military and civilian intelligence agencies, military and other federal and local law enforcement agencies need to pool their resources and intel about different terrorist networks and operatives together to ensure that no gaps of knowledge are left in which the terrorists can take
advantage of.